Our team has conducted over 500 full-plant appraisals, consisting of over $135 billion US Dollars in assets across multiple industries and a wide geography. 

Medical and Veterinary 
Semiconductor and PCB
Pulp and Paper Mills
Steel Mills
Biomedical Machining
Lighting and Electrical Mfg.
Defense Manufacturing
Marine and Maritime Mfg.
RV and Recreational Vehicle Mfg.
Sawmill Operations
Surface Finishing, Painting, Anodizing


Machinery and Equipment Appraisals

Inventory Appraisals
SBA Valuations

Appraisal Review

Business Valuation

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Business Combinations (ASC 805, IFRS 3)

Asset-Based Lending (SBA, USDA, & Traditional)

Transactional Due Diligence

Impairment of Long Lived Assets (ASC 350/360, IAS 36)
PP&E Accounting (IAS 16)
Fixed Asset Records Management
First Time Adoption (IFRS 1)
Liquidation Consulting
Partnership Dissolution
Cost Segregation Studies

Complex Marital Dissolution
Preparation of Ad Valorem Taxation Filings
Lease Buyout Decisions
Insurance Replacement and Loss Settlement
Fresh-Start Accounting (ASC 852, SOP 90-7)
Asset Transfer Documentation
Like Kind Exchanges (IRC 1031)
Federal Tax Planning (IRC 704(c), 861/864(e), 897, 1001)
Purchase Price Allocations (ASC 805, IFRS 3, IRC 338(h)(10), IRC 1060)

Industry Experience

Power and Energy
Fleet Vehicles
Food and Chemical Processing
Foundry and Casting
Heavy Construction
Materials Handling
Metalworking and Fabrication
Plastics, Polymers, and Rubber
Printing and Graphic Arts
Metals and Recycling