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Business Valuation Quote

The following is our standard business valuation document checklist and questionnaire. Please complete and return to us as part of our initial data request. Questions, requests for further clarification, and responses can be directed to:

Joshua Smith, Business Valuation Manager Chris Smith, Director

Required Documents

  1. 3 years of financial statements (tax returns or professionally prepared)

  2. Interim balance sheet and income statement within 120 days of current date, per SBA requirements

Requested Documents

  1. Business plan or other documentation of company history and operations 

  2. Purchase agreement or deal structure, if applicable

  3. Credit memo and/or underwriting analysis of cash flows, if applicable

  4. Trailing-twelve-months financial statements (income statements)

Name *
a. Any personal expenses of the owner(s) – health insurance, life insurance, cellphones, auto payments, repair, or fuel, etc. b. One-time or non-recurring expenses – for example, if the company had to settle a lawsuit or relocate to a new facility, these are one-time expenses. They are not expected to continue with regularity into the future. c. Non-operating expenses – these are not required for the operation of the business. For example, meals and travel, contributions, gain/loss on sale of assets.

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